How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist for you?


Tips for when you’re looking for a physiotherapist

It never ceases to amaze me, the number of times I hear people tell me how dissatisfied their previous experience with a physiotherapist or health practitioner was. It upsets me to know the profession gets a bad rap from these poor patient experiences. When wondering “who is a great physiotherapist in my area?” it’s like going on blind dates, with multiple misses before patients find the right one. Finding the right physiotherapist shouldn’t be hit and miss.  It’s not what you want when you are in search of relief of your pain and restoration of your health. After all at least on a bad blind date you may still get a good coffee.

So how do you ensure an appointment with the right physiotherapist? How do you avoid feeling unheard, not getting the right treatment and frankly feeling no better off? Here are some tips.

Do your research

Look up who the physiotherapist is. Read their bio (Read About Our Team at Point 2 Point Physiotherapy here) Do they sound like they have the expertise that is right for you? Check they have a wide array of relevant experience, therefore a well rounded therapist who will understand you.

They must have a good range of treatment techniques

Like any profession, it’s important when looking for a physiotherapist in your area, that they have a great skill set. Different people and conditions respond better to different techniques.  Multiples kinds of tissue and joint mobilisation techniques, joint manipulation, dry needling, taping, pilates, exercise therapy should be the basics of any good physiotherapist.

They must be able to soundly answer your questions

Ensure your physiotherapist is able to educate you on your condition. Not all conditions are simple but that is exactly when the right physiotherapist for you will be able to guide your treatment and refer when necessary to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

The therapist must be experienced in your condition/injury

Make sure they have experience treating your condition.  Not everyone is the same.  A physiotherapist will be better equipped to manage you back to health if they’ve previously treated your condition. Or even treated a patient who has played your sport.

They must have further training outside the usual degree

Further training beyond the base level shows a genuine passion for what they do.  It shows their dedication to improving their skills ensuring they are better qualified to assist you.

They have done further training in rehabilitation techniques or training

I think it should be mandatory for physiotherapists to undertake further training in strength and conditioning.  This ensures the physiotherapist is equipped to understand the whole scope of your condition; from the acute, to full recovery. Even assisting you to improve your overall health.

Word of mouth

A great way to hear about a physiotherapist in your local area is from the mouths of others in the community, especially those close to you.

So make sure you do your research and find the right physiotherapist for you.  If you have any enquiries or require assistance please contact us at Point to Point Physiotherapy on 03 9521 6633.


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