Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

No matter what level of activity or sport you participate and compete at, injuries occur. You need someone that has experience with various sports at various levels and an understanding of the body. Injuries in sport can occur both as an acute injury such as a ligament sprain or muscle tear. Or they gradually appear over time such as a painful achilles tendon in a runner, or shoulder in a swimmer. They are as varied as the patients that see us – and their goals.

To get best results you need an individualized assessment and treatment approach based on your injury, the cause(s) of the injury, the sport you play and what your goals are. Physiotherapy for sport aims to promote optimal healing and recovery from injury by restoring strength, movement and function. But it’s important to also assess and ascertain the cause of the condition in order to prevent a recurrence.

Why wait for an injury? Athletes at the highest level spend time injury prevention and conditioning work to keep them on the field, on the track or in the pool. We know from evidence and experiences what factors can greatly increase and decrease your risk of injury. Whether it be inadequate strength and power, lack of flexibility, muscular imbalance, poor posture, sub-optimal mechanics and movement patterns, all these things can be assessed for and addressed so not only can you help prevent injury but you should be able to improve your body and performance as well.