When is the best time to train?


Is the best time to exercise morning or night?

I’ve always preferred training in the morning. I feel it sets me up for the rest of the day.   If I leave it till after work things can come up, or fatigue can set in. In turn this affects the quality of the workout.  Chtourou & Souissi showed in their Literature Review: The Effect of Training at a Specific Time of Day (2012) that whilst aerobic performance is equivocal in the morning and afternoon, anaerobic performance has a greater peak performance in the afternoon. The body’s circadian rhythm, or body clock, is thought to be a factor, however the underlying causative reason isn’t actually known.

Regular morning training saw an increase in morning performance, therefore it seems the consistency of training at a similar time was more important than the actual time itself. This is explained by altering the body’s circadian rhythms through consistent training.

Exercising in the morning before work has many benefits such as:

💥Better hormone levels in the morning such as testosterone.

💥Improved metabolic rate throughout the day.

💥Endorphin release resulting in a better mood during the day.

💥Better productivity throughout day.

💥Improved sleep

So first and foremost do what allows you to be the most consistent because that will be the most effective strategy for you to reach your goals. Exercising first thing in the morning is possibly best for those who are time poor. There are many benefits that can help not only your fitness, but the rest of your day too.

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